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Jcrontab 2.0 features

  • DataSources:
    • xml format && xml DataSource
    • JDO
  • GUI:
    • Swing gui:
      • Scheduling Editor
      • Control on Taks (Stop/start, etc.)
      • Tracking of Executed Tasks
    • Improve web gui:
      • Scheduling Editor
      • Control on Taks (Stop/start, etc.)
      • Tracking of Executed Tasks
  • Loggers:
    • Improve Logging??
  • CrontabEntry: (only availables in xml/SQL DataSources)
    • Years
    • Seconds
    • Types in method invoking
    • Bussines Days
    • Ordinals in Bussinesdays (first Day of week)??
  • Cron:
    • Avoid Every minute activity and add nextTask() method
  • CronTask:
    • Interface
    • First Implementations
  • Integration with third part tools:
    • JMX
    • Memento
    • Avalon
    • jEdit Plugin improved
    • Netbeans Plugin?

Jcrontab's design principles

We are redesigning the Jcrontab code to make it easier to integrate Jcrontab with other projects.

We need to have the following elements:

  • DAO to access tasks and to isolate from the data sources (DD.BB., JNDI, files, etc.)
  • Beans to represent tasks
  • toString(), toXML(), and so forth, to integrate with JSP/XML/XSL

Why? - So that Jcrontab will be:

  • Easily integrated with:
    • Swing
    • Servlets/JSP
    • DD.BB.
    • EJB
    • and so forth
  • Easy to read and maintain
  • Easy to save beans in DD.BB. (task serialization)
  • Able to access events in other sources that are different from file (MySQL, PostgreSQL, JNDI, etc.)
  • Distribution of tasks in as many machines as possible (JMS to distribute tasks between different machines)

And in order to make it easier to use and integrate, we are working on:

  • Servlet/JSP system to edit crontab
  • Junit testing for:
    • CommandParser
    • Edition
    • Execution

We want improve Jcrontab in as many ways as possible, which is why we are looking for your ideas to improve it and make it more useful.