The classe with the logic to access data.


Interface Summary
DataSource This interface says which methods a DataSource should have in order to be compatible with the DataFactory

Class Summary
CalendarBuilder This class processes a CrontabEntryBean and returns a Calendar.
CrontabEntryBean CrontabEntryBeans represents each entry into crontab "DataSource" usually a file.
CrontabEntryDAO This DAO Gives all the methods necesary to build CrontabEntries This class is an abstraction to make esaier the integration of new DataSources that help to access CrontabEntries in new ways
CrontabParser This class parses a Line and returns CrontabEntryBean.
DataFactory This Factory builds a dao using teh given information.
DefaultFiles This class is a utility to make easier the instalation and use of jcrontab What it does is to create the default files "" and "crontab" and set a default initial properties ready to work in any system The reason why this class was added was to make it easier to integrate with jEdit
FileSource This class Is the implementation of DataSource to access Info in a FileSystem
GenericSQLSource This class is only a generic example and doesn't aim to solve all the needs for the differents system's. if you want to make this class to fit your needs feel free to do it and remember the license.

Exception Summary
CrontabEntryException Exception thrown when an entry in the crontab table cannot be parsed
DataNotFoundException Exception thrown when a No crontab Entry is Found

Package Description

The classe with the logic to access data. Usually Beans, DataSources and DAO.