Package org.jcrontab

The main classes of the project.


Class Summary
Cron This class represents the Thread that loads the information from the DAO's and maintains the list of events to execute by the Crontab.
Crontab Manages the creation and execution of all the scheduled tasks of jcrontab.
CrontabBean This Bean represents an Event.
CronTask Implements a runnable task that can be scheduled and executed by the Crontab.
Jcrontab This class starts a jcrontab.
NativeExec This class ejecutes a native command
SendMail This class sends an email to the given address every time a task ends This class does exactly the same as the directive MAILTO extension in crontab Sending an email has a strong limitation: The log you receive by mail can be confused in multithreaded tasks or if you have more than two tasks running at the same time.
StreamGobbler This class is the one that captures the output from the native progam and writes it to the System.out
TurbineJcrontabScheduler This class integrates Jcrontab as sheduler for Turbine.

Package org.jcrontab Description

The main classes of the project. In this module should be added only the core classes.